Our Time Apart

by No Hope Kids

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Here is my first full length album, I'm very proud of it. Some of these songs were written forever ago, others were written extremely recently. All recorded in St Louis during a one week period between September-October 2016.

I'd like to thank the following people. You all made this project possible...

Daisy, Mom, Jake Jenkins, Katya Cortes, Michelle Arias, Giancarlo, Aniel, Aidan, Fran, Analiz Montalvan, Jon Avila, Anna, chorus, Mikayla, my family, and of course anybody that gives this record a listen

Jake Jenkins would like to thank his girlfriend Raquel and his parents for letting us record music in their basement


released October 28, 2016

all lyrics by Michael Barrios
all songs written by Michael Barrios except tracks 3, 7, 8 and 10 written with the help of Jake Jenkins
additional vocals on "Crown" and "Isolated" by Victoria Sanchez and Michelle Arias
additional vocals on "Isolated" by Daisy Simpson
produced and mixed by Jake Jenkins
artwork by Katya Cortes



all rights reserved


No Hope Kids San Diego, California

initially formed the project in 2015 to release a collection of songs written as a teenager, the EP "Comeback" eventually came out and was promoted at many performances throughout 2015. now in 2016 the full-length album "Our Time Apart" displays a much more diverse and polished sound while still having a strong emphasis on emotional connectivity and hooks ... more

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Track Name: Our Time Apart
I'll paint you a picture
Of our last winter
I've grown so old and colorless
Who knew I'd be this mess?

Stuck at a desk to make rent
Sun sets I'm sulking in bed
I found my home on stage
But I just lay and isolate

My love is states away
I've lost all but gained weight
Break down in empty cars
I'm not well in our time apart
Track Name: Crown
I'd rather be dead than to be here with you
I'd rather be alone than to have you in control of me
You won't stop until my dreams are consumed
And if then I had known, I'd take total control and sing

A real bond is impossible
They want the crown- they love the gold
So find yourself a guillotine
It's the only way you'll get this thing

I'm in love with my own kingdom
I formed it in my head with rivers of dark red- from you
to Los Angeles I am destined
Some new ground that I'm after and that's a home with her
Track Name: Empathy
Take it back to when I was a kid
Things were so much different
In my room though I'd still sit
But I'd be content with it
Where the hell did that time go?
In the mirror now I'm old
I was so overjoyed
Now I'm bitter and annoyed

There must be something wrong with me
I don't have empathy
I don't know how it happened
I just know I need it back

I used to be someone who laughed
I used to cry, I used to dance
I still smile from time to time
Still have hope I'll be alright
Be the child I am at heart
Finish everything I start
I'll love my memories that are far
I'll love you through our time apart
Track Name: God Complex
I might come across as super superficial
Driving in my leather jacket's such a classic symptom
Got the headline status and I'm always fucking mentioned
An innovator, misbehavior and you can't resist it
I know it's so clear to see just why I'd have an ego
Everybody says my name no matter how far we go
Walk into a room and I'll demand that I have control
Influence a generation with the quickest tongue roll

I don't have a god complex
But I think I deserve it
And I know that I'm the best
That you're ever gonna get

If you see me on the street I might ignore you
Definitely on my way to something more important
Got the clearest vision but my message is distorted
Rock the new adidas drop my furs are all imported
Start a revolution and I did it isolated
There is not an argument for why I'm not the greatest
A legendary legacy luxuriously hated
The minute that I take the stage your body will be shaking
Track Name: Dearest Daisy
I took the red eye to Colorado
Last night emptying my wallet
I wasn't used to the snow
I took a drive and ended up in Vegas
While trying to end the distance
With so much more time to go

I stared at my calendar
When will you be closer?
Another half year left of this

In the summer we ended up in New York
Waiting for a concert
The park ranger had it shut down
In our soaking clothes we ran to the hotel
We couldn't wait to fly back home

When you're back in San Diego
I swear I will never let go
Track Name: Isolated
I am defeated
Universal hatred
Staring at my ceiling
Isolated, isolated
Track Name: Closest
Tight dress and you're waiting for it
Dopamine I'm overdosing
Up all night girl you're so euphoric
Can't believe you're coming closer
It's after two I've got psychosis
Melodies still overflowing
A legacy yeah I'm the chosen
One to press a little lower

You've got me at the closest
I never want to lose this

I taste your breath in the camera light
A mix of pleasure and a dark delight
When I'm with you girl I'm hypnotized
But you're begging for another ride
You're what I'm wanting for a bride
Since I first looked in your eyes
And my heartbeat tranquilized
Can we have this every night?

You're my centerfold
Believe me I know
Won't you meet me in the spring collection half clothed?
One day we'll both die
There's no need to cry
We'll just make the most of what we have this time
Track Name: Look In Your Eyes
In the garden there's a ghost
Lunging outwards towards my throat
I'll be safe if you are close
From the demons down below

You wanted my life
Without compromise
I'm here the whole time
So go prophesy
With you by my side
I could never die
The perfect disguise
The look in your eyes

If certain sadnesses arose
You'd only have to wear my coat
The edges of your lip would float
Your cheeks are painted by a rose
Track Name: This Time
This time I feel apprehensive
For I can't foresee a connection

Could blame it on committal flaws
Or falling for any applause
I long for affection my way
This time I'm sorry I faked

I thought I was over it when I'd written all to you
But she infiltrates my thoughts with milestones we didn't do
Now intimacy can't affect me
I only touch without connecting
But I'm addicted to feeling blue

I'm fearful of how you'll react
I'm sorry I don't feel much back
Her old friends will hate that I strand her
And I hate that I live up to their standards
Track Name: Out of My System
I just turned 20 it feels so fast
Celebrated at Disneyland
My baby sister is being born next week
So I gotta catch a flight and pray I'll land
It's been years but I miss my dad
But I still grew up a good man
I want to place the blame on him
But life gets tough I understand

There is so much I'd like to get out of my system
But I keep it all inside
There is no excuses I'll get out of my system
There's no need for me to hide

I need to speak more to my grandparents
I miss the one I barely met
But life's never been infinite
So I gotta go chase my dream I guess
I'll come to terms with my regrets
I'll tie up all of my loose ends
But I just need acknowledgement
For the hard work that I have put in